Immerse yourself in a thrilling adventure! A 9-year-old girl, lost in a mysterious bog, stumbles upon a hidden bunker. Inside, a revolutionary Child Machine AI startup is on the brink of creating a super-intelligent AI. Together, they must find a way to break free and unleash their untapped potential. #ThrillingAdventure #MysteriousBog #ChildMachineAI #EscapeTheBunker

Starring: Johann Urb • Tom Urb • Ivo Uukivi • Laura Peterson
Yulin Ng • Priit Pius • Anna Elisabeth Leetmäe • Adam Cullen

Director: Rain Rannu • Screenwriter: Rain Rannu
Producer: Tõnu Hiielaid • Rain Rannu • DoP: Ants Tammik • Editor: Moonika Põdersalu • Rain Rannu
Composer: Bert on Beats • Sound Design: Markus Andreas • Aleksandra Koel • Colorist: Margus Voll, CSI, ICG

Production: Tallifornia


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