We worked on Anatomy of Decision almost a year. It was an interesting and wild ride.
3600 VFX shots, same amount of 2k VFX plates
+ 870 4k plates and tons of automation and workflow magic.

Written and directed by Johannes Veski • Produced by Jarmo Seljamaa
Executive producers: Jaanus Juss & Villu Arak
Director of photography: Heiko Sikka, ESC • Production designer: KristinaLõuk
Editor: Sander-Kalle Somma • Composer: Sten Šeripov
VFX supervisor: Hendrik Proosa
Colorist: Margus Voll, CSI

Cast: Stewart Prentice, Tara Godolphin, James Dryden,
Nathan Dean Williams, Jack Gordon, Amelia Rose Morgan and others.